Faster to the market with custom products
automating the sales and design processes

Customize products
at standard costs

Mass customization require more and more products’ personalisation, more IT automation controlling development and production cost is a must.


Design Automation
and Simulation

From integrating Excel macros to complete sales and engineering design automation we will improve your companies win percentage and profitability.


Robot Process

Improve efficiency and effectiveness with back office automation and AI.


Ask your customers what they need,
you will sell more

Why Configuratori?

Our objectives are to innovate sales processes, automate product development by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our customers.

Through solutions complete with innovative methods and software, we improve critical business processes with a view to “personalized production” to support corporate strategies of “mass customization”.

What you get….

More autonomy of sales from pre-sales technicians, the best technical offers in less time, “automatic” design with drawings for production, reuse of existing projects and components, better “time to invoice

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